Learn The Meaning Of Love This February! Did Cupid Know Something We Didn’t?

Ah, it’s that time of year again, when Cupid draws back his bow & sends it flying towards unsuspecting (or maybe somewhat suspecting) lucky ducks. He sends their hearts into a tizzy, swirling and fluttering & renewing. You see it in the eyes of his “victims” – that kind of sparkly, life-is-wonderful twinkle. It can make you smile or twitch with jealousy. But, in this month of love, it is definitely inevitable

So how does Mr. Cupid choose his targets?

Why are some potential lovers overlooked? And why are some struck with the love arrow? I wondered this a lot when I was single. I would see men perusing the card aisle at the store, trying to find just the right words. I would feel a little tug of sadness every time I saw a bouquet that wasn’t meant for me go past my desk. Everywhere, it seemed, people were coupled up & celebrating being together.

What made them the lucky ducks & not me? Why not YOU? Why haven’t you felt that delicious sting in your heart? It took me awhile, but I learned why Cupid’s arrows kept whizzing right by me & I’ll share my discoveries with you!

Get In Cupid’s Line Of Sight:

1. Be An Easy Mark. Cupid is a smart little dude. He doesn’t waste his time (and arrows) on a closed heart. He looks for the soft, penetrable ones. The hardened ones just break his arrows. So, no matter how many times or how badly you’ve been hurt in the past, keep your heart soft & open. It’s like radar for Little Mr. Love.
2. DON’T Go Green. Cupid loves red, it’s the color of love. Green is the color of envy. If you feel jealous when you see loving couples (or bouquets, or cards) it turns him off. He slings his bow over his shoulder & stomps off. BUT if you feel hopeful, almost giddy, when you see lovers, Cupid is drawn right to you! He’s drawn to LOVE. And when you reflect the love you see, it’s doubly powerful.
3. Smell The Roses. Cupid has thing about him, a quirk, if you will. He wants to be appreciated. He’s got to know that if you get hit with one of his zingers you’re going to grab on with both hands. The way he knows? You treat yourself (and others) with love. So buy YOURSELF some flowers, or a card, or indulge in some chocolates. Tell yourself you deserve it. And he’ll know you do too.

Cupid’s criteria is pretty simple. He really WANTS you to love & be loved. So make this February the one where you wear your heart on your sleeve and become one of those lucky ducks. Quack, quack!