Feeling Lucky? 4 Ways To Find Your Perfect Lad

Do you have a rabbit’s foot on your key chain? Maybe you have a 4-leaf clover pinned to your shirt or a horse shoe above your door. Most of us have tried whatever it takes to bring luck to us – especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

The truth is, it’s not luck at all that attracts that special man to us, it’s something we have way more control over – OURSELVES! You just have to interrupt the patterns you have that are keeping you stuck. Here’s how:

  1. Faith & Begorrah! I hear women all the time saying they don’t think they’ll ever find the right man for them. Well, if you think that way – you won’t! You need to have faith that the right guy is out there & that you deserve to have love.
  2. Believe In Leprechauns. Just like you have to have faith that love is meant for you, you have to believe that there are great guys out there. If you always find yourself saying, “All the good guys are taken,” you’re pushing love away from you! Start telling yourself there are plenty of great men out there – because there are!
  3. Make Your Own “Luck”. Often, the people who seem to have all the luck really just have the right attitude. And they’ve learned how to pick themselves up, dust themselves off, & keep going. They don’t dwell on a bad date, bad relationship, or bad break-up. They focus on the good things to come.
  4. Don’t Wear Your Green. Instead of being envious of women who’ve found love, look at them as proof that love is out there. The more happy couples you see, the closer love is getting to YOU! Be happy for them because they are symbols of what’s to come for you.

This March, it’s time to follow the rainbow to your very own pot of gold – LOVE! All it takes is a few changes & you’ll be skipping through a field of four-leaf clovers….with Mr. Right!