Don’t Be Fooled This April, 4 Tips To Know If You’ve Found The One

It’s fun to play pranks or be even be the “fool” on April 1st, but nobody wants to be a fool in love. If love has been confusing & elusive, or if you always find yourself with the wrong person, I know how you feel! It can be challenging to sift through the weeds & find your flower. The good news is, it gets easier once you know what signs to look for to tell you if you’ve found the one.

You Know You’ve Found The Right One WHEN:

1. You Don’t Question Everything. We’ve been taught to believe that love is shaky & topsy-turvy & we should feel confused. This just isn’t true! Love should feel easy & natural. If you find yourself questioning every little thing & wondering if it’s “right,” it probably isn’t.

2. They Slip Into Your Life. The right person just seems to drop into your life like a puzzle piece. You don’t have to force it. There may be (and usually is) some compromising & adjusting, but on the whole, they line up really well with you & your life.

3. You Feel Better About Yourself. It’s kind of a magical thing – the right person actually makes you feel better about yourself! They bring out the best version of you. That’s what love is supposed to do. If you find you beat yourself up a lot around this person or they criticize you or somehow make you feel “less than” – run.

4. You Assume The Best. If you’re in a relationship where you automatically assume the worst in every situation (they’re lying, they’re hiding something, they don’t love me enough, they did that on purpose), then something is wrong. Love with the right person means knowing in your heart that they always have your best interests in mind & you never question that.

You never have to feel like a fool in love again. If you follow the signs (and your heart) they will lead you unfailingly in the right direction.