Discover 3 Secrets To Understanding Women

Is it possible? Can this really be the year that you’ll finally understand women? Will 2016 shine a light on the right path & give you what it takes to romance the girl of your dreams?

Every January, we see things (or at least hope to) from a new perspective. We get a fresh start. Let this be your year to learn what a girl really wants.

3 (Not-So-Secret) Secrets To Understanding Women

  1. She Wants To Be The Girl. Forget that it’s 2016. Forget that media everywhere says it’s okay for women to pursue men & initiate. That is not what creates romance. She wants YOU to be the man & pursue her. If she has to make the first move (and 2nd & 3rd) she’ll see you as passive and NO woman wants a passive man.
  2. She Wants Contact. It’s a myth that absence makes the heart grow fonder. And it’s a flat-out lie that you’ll make her want you more if put a lot of distance between dates. What she really wants is to connect with you & she can’t do that if she doesn’t hear from you. If you like her, and like spending time with her, let her know by booking up her time. Do things with her several times a week & let her know you’re thinking about her during the in-between times.
  3. She Wants To Be In On The Plan. If you see a future with this girl, don’t keep it to yourself. That doesn’t mean you’re asking her what to name your children on the first date. But, if you want to keep dating her & see long-term potential, tell her. It will do two things, 1) Let YOU know, by her reaction, if she feels the same way and, 2) Get her to focus on the 2 of you as a couple instead of keeping her options open.

Women don’t need to be a complete mystery. A few adjustments to your game plan can make you a winner at the game of love this year.