5 Tips To Let Your Secret Admirer Know You’re Interested

You know that delicious feeling you get when you find a guy attractive & you’re pretty sure he’s interested in you too? It’s exhilarating! And a little scary.

You want to make things happen. You want to get the ball rolling. You think he might be shy or maybe he’s not sure if you’re interested. Even if you’ve already spent some time with him, things just might not be happening as quickly as you’d like.

So what do you do? How do you let him know you‘re interested without ripping his masculinity out from underneath him?

Give Him A Clue Without Giving Up Your Femininity

  1. Face It. Your face says a lot. It’s easy to get lost in thought & forget to smile. You can come across as too serious or just not interested if you’re not smiling. So, whenever you see your crush, let your whole face light up! And don’t forget to giggle!
  2. The Eyes Have It. Looking away shyly is fine when you’re flirting, but it’s really important to make good eye contact when you’re talking to him. It’s extremely attractive to a man when a woman holds eye contact with him.
  3. Be All Ears. A man wants to know he has your attention when you’re with him, so be sure to actually listen when he talks. Lots of times we get too caught up in what we’re going to say & we don’t really pay attention to what he’s saying. A man can feel when you’re up in head instead of giving him your full attention.
  4. Take The Express Lane. The best way to let a man know you like him is to express what you’re feeling. That doesn’t mean saying out right that you like him (although it could!). It means telling him you’re having a good time whenever you’re together. Don’t keep those feelings to yourself. Even if it’s something simple like, “I like walking around with you.” He’ll feel like he’s getting it right.
  5. Thank Goodness! A man goes crazy for a woman who appreciates him & makes him feel like a man, so thank him for every little thing he does, even just holding the door open for you.

It’s easy to let a man know you reciprocate his romantic feelings without stepping into the masculine role. It just takes a little practice, then sit back & watch the sparks fly!