3 Ways To Direct Cupids Arrow To The Right Woman

You’ve been at this awhile, this love business, yet you can’t seem to get it quite right. You always seem to pick the wrong woman or else fail to get the right one. Cupid seems to have a lousy aim where you’re concerned!

So what’s the trick to getting Cupid’s arrows to hit the girl of your dreams?

  1. Get Your Act Together. A woman needs to know a man can take care of her. You have to have your own life working & in order before a woman can believe you’ll be able to take good care of her. So have a stable income (no need to be rich, just a steady source of income), a place to come home to (that’s well kept up), reliable transportation, and take good care of yourself physically.
  2. Be A Good Match. It’s very sexy to a woman when a man’s actions match his words. Make sure you back up what you say with you what you do. If you tell her you’re going to call, call. When you make plans stick with them. Keep the promises you make to her (even the small ones) to best of your ability & come to see you as a man she trust – and trust is the foundation every GOOD woman is looking for.
  3. Be An Open Book. You’re the man, you need to lead & that means you have to let her know how you feel. Tell her you love spending time with her. Contrary to what you may hear or read, the only type of woman who gets scared off by a man who expressed himself is the woman is either afraid of commitment or has her heart closed. Just be sure to be sincere (don’t lay it on too thick) & you’ll melt the girl’s heart.

This Valentine’s Day can be one that you look forward to instead of dread. You can sweep your dream girl right off her feet! She’ll want to send Cupid a personal “Thank you.”