3 Ways To Know She’s Not Just Fooling You

Learn The 3 Surefire Ways To Not Be Fooled By Love This April

Nobody wants to be an April Fool (or any fool, for that matter). But how do you know when love is real? Is there any way to tell if you’re giving your heart to the right woman or just being a fool for love?

No. There isn’t it.

April Fools – Just kidding! (You had to know that was coming). YES, there are ways to tell if you’re spinning your wheels or not & I’m going to share them with you.

3 Ways To Know She’s Not Just Fooling You

1. She Makes Time For You. We all have busy lives these days. It can be hard to find much free time, BUT when a woman really likes you she WILL find time for you. If she’s ready for love, she’s going to make sure she has time for it. If she’s always putting you off with an excuse, she’s either not really into you or just not ready for a relationship.

2. She Makes An Effort. It’s not too likely you’re going to find a woman who shares all of your interests. It’s not even necessary. What IS important is a woman who at least supports your interests & makes an effort to learn about them, listens when you talk about them & supports you in them, even if she doesn’t participate. If you find a woman who absolutely cannot bring herself to get up on a pair of skis, but loves to watch you do it & talk about it with you, she’s invested.

3. She Challenges You. You know you’ve found a good woman when she challenges you to be a better version of yourself. Lots of women make it easy for a man to court them, but very few women challenge a man to step up his game. By that I mean, she requires you to be a gentleman, to be on time, and to treat her like a lady. If she also makes you laugh more than usual, dance when you have two left feet, or smile whenever you think about her – time to go ring shopping.

This April, don’t play the fool – know for sure when the right woman comes along. The joke will never be on you again.